Attack on Titan Season 2
Date Aired
Apr 1, 2017 to Jun 17, 2017

Attack on Titan Season 2

Shingeki no Kyojin 2nd Season, 進撃の巨人 Season2
/ Spring 2017 Anime

Plot Summary:

Eren Jaeger swore to wipe out all Titan, but during a battle for his life he aroused becoming the thing he hates most. together with his new powers, he fights for humanity’s freedom facing the monsters that threaten his home. After a bittersweet victory against the feminine Titan, Eren finds no time to rest a horde of Titans is approaching Wall Rose and therefore the battle for humanity continues!

For centuries, humanity has been hunted by giant, mysterious predators referred to as the Titans. Three mighty walls Wall Maria, Rose, and Sheena provided peace and protection for humanity for over 100 years. That peace, however, was shattered when the Colossus Titan and Armored Titan appeared and destroyed the outermost wall, Wall Maria. Forced to retreat behind Wall Rose, humanity waited with bated breath for the Titans to reappear and destroy their shelter another time .

In Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2, Eren Yeager et al. of the 104th Training Corps have just begun to become full members of the Survey Corps. As they ready themselves to face the Titans once more , their preparations are interrupted by the invasion of Wall Rose but all isn’t because it seems as more mysteries are unraveled. because the Survey Corps races to save lots of the wall, they uncover more about the invading Titans and therefore the dark secrets of their own members.

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