Chargeman Ken!

Chargeman Ken!

Charge Man Ken!, Cha-Ken!, チャージマン研!
/ Spring 1974 Anime

Plot Summary:

It is the year 2074. In a world threatened by aliens… an unlikely hero emerges! Ken Izumi may look like an ordinary 10-year-old boy, but he secretly possesses weapons, armor, and accessories that transform him into the superheroic Chargeman Ken. Ken protects his mom, dad, little sister Caron, robot pal Barican, and the rest of mankind from the diabolical Juralians, shape-shifting alien invaders bent on terrorizing the earth with flesh-eating butterflies, booby-trapped scientists, an evil doll, a prison break, alien mummies, a kid that sets stuff on fire, a song that makes you die… basically, they have about 65 plans for world domination. The only thing standing between the fragile human race and conquest by the Juralians is Chargeman Ken and his unquenchable thirst for fiery, atomic justice!

Episode List: