/ Winter 2018 Anime

Plot Summary:

During the summer of her freshman yr of excessive school, yuzu aihara’s mom remarried, forcing her to switch to a brand new college. To a elegant socialite like yuzu, this inconvenient event is just any other possibility to make new buddies, fall in love, and subsequently enjoy a primary kiss. Unluckily, yuzu’s desires and fashion do no longer conform along with her new ultrastrict, all-girls college, packed with obedient shut-ins and overachieving grade-skippers. Her gaudy appearance manages to seize the eye of mei aihara, the beautiful and imposing student council president, who straight away proceeds to sensually caress yuzu’s frame with the intention to confiscate her cellular telephone.

Very well exhausted from her first day, yuzu arrives domestic and discovers a surprising fact mei is in reality her new step-sister! Even though yuzu first of all attempts to be friendly with her, mei’s cold shoulder recurring forces yuzu to start teasing her. But before yuzu can finish her sentence, mei forces her to the floor and kisses her, with yuzu desperately trying to interrupt loose. As soon as done, mei storms out of the room, leaving yuzu to contemplate the authentic nature of her first kiss, and the secrets behind the tortured expression in the eyes of her new sister.

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