Dorohedoro (Dub)

Dorohedoro (Dub)

/ Winter 2020 Anime

Plot Summary:

The metropolis of hole is a desolate metropolis wherein magic customers pass to check their powers through disfiguring or killing its people. After being cursed by means of a sorceror, kaiman become left with the frame of a man and the head of a lizard. Decided to interrupt the spell over him, kaiman works with his associate, nikaido, to look for the one who made him this manner. Alas, without a memory as to his assailant’s identity there’s handiest one way for him to find them: he need to chunk the pinnacle of any magic consumer he meets in order that the person hidden interior him can determine if they’re the wrongdoer. As he bites, slashes and kills his manner through the merciless magic users, will kaiman be capable of find out who the person in his mouth is, in which the only he hunts is hiding and return to ordinary, while retaining the revengeful magic customers at bay?

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