Fate/Zero Season 2

Fate/Zero Season 2

Fate/Zero 2nd Season, Fate/Zero Second Season, フェイト/ゼロ 2ndシーズン
/ Spring 2012 Anime

Plot Summary:

As the Fourth grail War rages on with no clear victor in view , the remaining Servants and their Masters are called upon by Church supervisor Risei Kotomine, so as to confederate and confront an impending threat that would unravel the Grail War and convey about the destruction of Fuyuki City. The uneasy truce soon collapses as Masters demonstrate that they’re going to do anything in their power, regardless of how despicable, to win.

Seeds of doubt are sown between Kiritsugu Emiya and Saber, his Servant, as their conflicting ideologies on heroism and chivalry clash. Meanwhile, an ominous bond forms between Kirei Kotomine, who still seeks to seek out his purpose in life, and one among the remaining Servants. because the countdown to the top of the war reaches zero, the value of winning begins to blur the road between victory and defeat.

Episode List: