Infinite Ryvius
Date Aired
Oct 6, 1999 to Mar 29, 2000

Infinite Ryvius

Mugen no Ryvius, 無限のリヴァイアス
/ Fall 1999 Anime

Plot Summary:

In 2137 AD, the sun released a massive flare across the solar system, creating the Geduld, a dense field of plasma and debris. In the midst of a routine descent into the Geduld’s upper layers, the training ship Liebe Delta is crippled by a terrorist attack, killing the trainers and command crew – and exposing the vessel’s military secrets, which may hold the survivors’ only hope. With nowhere to hide from their darkest fears, the young trainees must work together to navigate the ravages of a solar system filled with mysterious, powerful foes. Yet, as the ship is forced into greater isolation and its inhabitants become increasingly desperate, they must struggle to survive against not only the forces that pursue them relentlessly… but also each other.

Episode List: