Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Release Date
Date Aired
Dec 11, 1992 to Dec 21, 1997

Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Kyou Kara Ore Ha!!, From Today I'll, From Today on I am, 今日から俺は!!
/ 1992
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Plot Summary:

Moving into a new neighborhood sometimes requires you to conform, in order to get along with the new people around you. Or, you can be like Takashi and make the neighborhood adjust to you! With steely determination and a new blonde perm, Takashi is ready to make himself the top dog of high school delinquents.

But facing him is another recent arrival to his new school, with a hairstyle just as rebellious and radical. Faced with the fearsome 3rd year punks as well as this outside challenger, will Takashi be able to realise his dreams of classroom dominance?

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