Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Dub)

Majutsushi Orphen Hagure Tabi (Dub)

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, 魔術士オーフェンはぐれ旅
/ Winter 2020 Anime

Plot Summary:

In a world of magic and monsters, Krylancelo Finrandi and his foster sister Azalea Cait-Sith were once promising students of sorcery, prodigies at the famous Tower of Fangs. But an experiment gone horribly wrong warps Azalea’s appearance, trapping her within the sort of a dragon.

Elders at the Tower more curious about preserving their reputation instead of their students’ lives chase away the transformed Azalea and canopy up the incident. Outraged, Krylancelo strikes out on his own, taking the new name of “Orphen” and vowing to return Azalea to her normal state.

Five years later, Orphen’s quest has stalled. an opportunity encounter brings him face to face with Azalea again, but he still has no thanks to restore her body. And with a hostile group of sorcerers hunting her down, he could also be running out of your time . The past and present collide as Orphen tries to seek out the way to save Azalea from their former teachers and friends.

Episode List: