Medaka Box

Medaka Box

/ Spring 2012 Anime

Plot Summary:

Medaka Kurokami is, within the truest sense of the word, perfect. Beautiful, intelligent, and athletic, Medaka’s dream is to form others happy. So when she runs for Student Council President of the distinguished Hakoniwa Academy, winning the election with 98% of the votes is merely to be expected.

The very very first thing the boisterous new president does is about up the “Medaka Box,” a suggestion box allowing students to submit any quite request for assistance. along side the cynical Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, her childhood friend who has been strong-armed into helping, Medaka fulfills these requests at a ridiculous rate. for each job completed, she adds flowers to the scholar council room, with the aim of filling the whole school. However, the 2 are close to determine that helping others could also be tons harder than they think as they start to uncover a devastating plan centering on the academy and even Medaka herself!

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