My Neighbor Totoro
Release Date

My Neighbor Totoro

Tonari no Totoro, となりのトトロ
/ 1988

Plot Summary:

Satsuki, her younger sister Mei and their father have just moved to their new range in the countryside, where grand adventures await them. within the future at some point while playing outside in the garden Mei encounters alittle creature and decides to follow it. After chasing it through the bushes Mei eventually finds herself at the bottom of an outsized Cinnamomum camphora and as she drops through a hole in its roots, she lands on the stomach of an outsized , sleeping forest spirit named Totoro. the 2 sisters befriend the gentle spirit and are soon introduced to a world more fantastical than they might ever imagine, from twiddling with soot spirits to meeting a Catbus, to flying through the air and even making the trees grow. However when Mei disappears, Satsuki must turn the assistance of her new friends if she wants any hope of having the ability to seek out her sister…

Episode List: