Naruto Shippuden (Dub)

Naruto Shippuden (Dub)

Naruto Hurricane Chronicles, ナルト- 疾風伝
/ Winter 2007 Anime

Plot Summary:

It has been two and a half years since Naruto Uzumaki left Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, for intense training following events which fueled his desire to be stronger. Now Akatsuki, the mysterious organization of elite rogue ninja, is closing in on their grand plan which can threaten the security of the whole shinobi world.

Although Naruto is older and sinister events loom on the horizon, he has changed little in personality still rambunctious and childish though he’s now much more confident and possesses a good greater determination to guard his friends and residential . Come whatever may, Naruto will keep it up with the fight for what’s important to him, even at the expense of his own body, within the continuation of the saga about the boy who wishes to become Hokage.

Episode List: