Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

/ Spring 2004 Anime

Plot Summary:

Fuu kasumi is a young and clumsy waitress who spends her days peacefully working in a small teahouse. This is, till she by chance spills a drink throughout certainly one of her clients! With a group of samurai now continuously harassing her, fuu desperately calls upon any other samurai in the store, mugen, who quick defeats them together with his wild combating technique, utilising movements reminiscent to that of breakdancing. Unluckily, mugen makes a decision to pick out a fight with the unwilling ronin jin, who wields a extra specific and conventional style of swordfighting, and the latter proves to be a formidable opponent.

The most effective hassle is, they come to be destroying the whole keep in addition to by accident killing the neighborhood justice of the peace’s son. For his or her crime, the 2 samurai are captured and set to be done. But, they may be rescued by means of fuu, who hires the duo as her bodyguards. Even though she not has an area to go back to, the former waitress wishes to find a positive samurai who smells of sunflowers and enlists the help of the now exonerated pair to accomplish that. Notwithstanding first of all disapproving of this concept, the two in the end agree to assist the woman in her quest; for this reason, the trio embark upon an adventure to find this mysterious warrior—that is, if fuu can hold mugen and jin from killing every other.

Episode List: