Sugar Sugar Rune

Sugar Sugar Rune

Chocola et Vanilla - Sugar Sugar Rune, Sugar² Rune, シュガシュガルーン
/ Summer 2005 Anime
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Plot Summary:

Chocola is an extrovert and an assertive girl, while her friend Vanilla is extremely shy and hesitant; together, they both come from the Magical Kingdom and are subsequent candidates in line for the throne. so as to qualify to be the Queen, Chocola and Vanilla are sent to the Human World to enhance their magic; the assessment is predicated on capturing the foremost ‘hearts’ of the people within the Human World. Chocola’s upfront behavior was popular within the Magical Kingdom, but within the Human World, people prefer the personality of her newly formed rival, Vanilla. Now, Chocola must work extra hard to measure up to her mother’s failure — all while repressing her desire to whup everyone’s butt!

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