Wan Jie Chun Qiu
Release Date

Wan Jie Chun Qiu

Spring and Autumn, 万界春秋
/ 2020

Plot Summary:

Unexpectedly, when he arrived in Yishi, Shangshi County, he was met with a chilly reception. Ge Qin showed his style as a snake, and Yili was unfavorable within the first battle. At that point , the girl came to stab Ge Tan in Chun Qiu. Yiliu took advantage of this incident to declare his sovereignty within the colors of Xuantiansi. But the assassination in Chun Qiu failed, and Yiliu rescued Chun Qiu in straightness . But he was tied to the grove in Chun Qiu. the 2 talked secretly, and Yiruo learned from the mouth of the traditional clan in November, realizing that he could use the facility of the traditional clan to fight against Xuan Tiansi, so he detoxified for November and planned to recruit her for her own use. Unexpectedly, Xuan Tiansi Mi Li led the chasing soldiers to surround the grove, the 2 were in peril , Ge Tan also appeared at this point.

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